Stain Removal From Leather Furniture

How to Clean and Restore Leather Furniture Cleaning

White vinegar is an effective stain remover because of acetic acid. To protect the leather from its corrosive properties, mix with water. A ratio of one tablespoon of vinegar to one cup of water will suffice. Soak a sponge or cotton ball in the diluted solution and dab the stain.

Removing Ink Stains from Leather. Ink stains are hard to remove from any material, including leather. However, a DIY leather cleaner is bound to get stains out of leather a lot quicker than store-bought products. To start, soak a cotton swab in rubbing alcohol and gently dab the area in a circular motion to best clean leather.

Dry the area with a blow dryer so the alcohol evaporates before eating away at more of the leather. Only try this if you don't have access to leather care products. Saturate the stained area with hairspray. Immediately wipe up the hairspray, and then apply a small amount of moisturizing soap and water. As with the alcohol, this should only be done if you don't have access to leather care products [source: LTTLeatherCare, MrsClean, HomeFurnish].

The product did nothing to remove or even reduce the ink stain on my leather sofa. Futhermore, there is a no return policy on this product so my money was wasted. I have requested a refund from the company and will report in another review if this happens. In the meantime, save your money and do not buy this product if the stain is on leather

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Never apply the Leather Stain Remover directly to the leather. Instead, apply the Stain Remover onto a sponge. Gently wipe over the surface of the leather where the stain is and the sponge will absorb the stain. Step 3. Wipe the area down with a wet cloth to remove any excess Leather Stain Remover. Step 4. Repeat steps if stain still persists.

How to Clean and Restore Leather Furniture Cleaning
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